Everything you need to make an alaia surfboard

The Hollow Alaia Project: Volume 3

IMG_3124 - Version 2

Background: The theory behind the “hollow alaia” is simply to increase bouyancy and paddling efficiency of the alaia by creating hollow chambers inside of it.  This project is open to anyone inspired to participate...


UPROXX Presents: Jon Wegener

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 9.34.43 AM

The good folks at UPROXX produced a really cool film with Jon Wegener that captures and articulates some of the intangible magic behind the craft of making and riding alaias.  enjoy


JB’s Hollow, Finless Surfboard


JB sent me these images from his home in France where he recently made a hollow, alaia-inspired surfboard. His design was inspired largely by the Seaglass Tuna and he used techniques he learned from Roy Stuart.  JB’s...


The Hollow Alaia Project: Volume 2

Jordan Air Slider

Jordan Gilbert’s “Air Slider” A few months ago I posted a story and pictures of how I made “The Bender”, a hollow, alaia-insped, finless, paulownia surfboard.  I posted this content in the hopes that...


Shaping A Finless Board At Shaper Studios

Shaper Studios San Diego

Although this board is finless, it is a far cry from the ancient alaia. Inspired by Derek Hynd and other innovators who are pushing the progression of finless surfing, I came up with a...


The Hollow Alaia Project: Volume 1


BACKGROUND After shaping several alaias, I began studying hollow surfboard design in an attempt to build a wooden board that rivals the performance of modern-designs and foam blanks. After shaping my first hollow wooden...


Building a Grain Surfboard Kit at Home


Grain Surfboards is a company based in York, Maine that produces wooden surfboards from local, sustainable softwoods.        They’ve refined their own methods based on time-tested boatbuilding construction techniques.  In addition to creating...


DIY Fails: Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion Linseed Oil

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to learn how NOT to do it first.  “DIY Fails” is a series of posts that share some of the pitfalls of doing...


MENGEI International Museum “Surf Craft” Exhibit


The MENGEI International Museum “Surf Craft” Exhibit explores the evolution of surfboard design from historical and cultural perspectives.  “The design paradigm presented in this exhibition has its deepest roots in finless wooden planing craft like the...